Choose your new favorite food – Feel slim, fit and energetic

Seduced by your favorite food

I know how you feel. On one hand, you would love to live healthier, on the other hand you can not imagine a life without chips, fries, chocolate and fresh-filled cakes from the bakery on the corner.

You want to be healthy and slim, but you do not want to say goodbye to your favorite food. Because although these foods are clearly not good for you, they’re in your head on a pedestal. They seem to make your life more enjoyable, and fun you will not want to miss. You do not want to live without the trootstende, fatty, sweet sensation in your mouth. Because it gives you such a good feeling that you will not give up?

For years I thought that apple pie (especially Dudok) my favorite food was. Now I’m going to look at things differently there. And if you ask people in my area, which is best breakthrough. The key insight is very simple: how can you eat fat, flabby and tired makes are your favorite food?

This is not really your favorite food

Why do we label the foods that are worst for us are often favorite food? Yes, these foods give us comfort, comfort and a moment of pleasure. They are cozy and they taste good.

However, once you look further, you’ll see very quickly that this love is clearly only one direction. What I mean by that? Food as fast foods, pastries, cheeses, meats, savory snacks and sweets:

  • Contain a lot of refined sugar that bring your body blow
  • Contain many (animal) fat and cholesterol that is flowing through your arteries good in a short time and there some life-shortening slice leave.
  • Encourage you too much to eat.
  • Make you sick and then inflated.
  • Are heavy to digest.
  • Encourage inflammation in your body. They also provoke allergies and all sorts of vague symptoms.
  • Rob you of your energy. You feel tired afterwards often.
  • Contribute to the development of several major (and fatal) disease when they eat daily (type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, various cancers, Alzheimer’s disease, accelerated aging, rheumatism and go-as-but-through).

Yes, you love your croquette. But you croquette gives back love. Only recently delight and a drain on your health. And if you eat it regularly: an attempt on your life. Not fun.

It makes you rush off, why we designate this kind of food as a favorite food ? Are we crazy? A little bit yes. But do not worry, even is this kind of madness what to do.

What really favorite food does for you

This past year I moved gradually away from my old ‘favorite food. Yes, I have always been trying to eat less, but it still stood on its pedestal. I felt I had to be hard on myself. I longed to eat apple pie every day, but I did not. But still there was more cake in my face than I wanted.

And now apple pie from his pedestal cases. I only eat cake if there is celebration, and my cravings are gone to unhealthy eating. My new favorite food?

  • Vegetables.
  • Whole grains (such as brown rice), bulgur, quinoa and whole grains (such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta and couscous).
  • Fruit.
  • Pulses.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Fresh herbs and various spices.

I came to the conclusion that these foods are my favorite food because they give me time and again give a great feeling .

And not only that, they also take care of my body. They help me to stay healthy and fit, to get rid of excess fat, positive in life and get the most out of my day. And yes, they prolong my life . Fine, since I intend to live very long.

These foods give as much love to me when I meet them. It is a very balanced relationship. Admittedly, broccoli is less of a sensation on the tongue. But it is also not filled with animal fat, refined sugar and weird flavor enhancers.

Moreover, your tongue naturally went to the smaller stimulus. If I now eat cake, I almost fall off my stool how sweet it is. Even if I can not even sit on a stool, you know. And the thrill of a healthy diet is all the greater when I see how great I feel afterwards thanks to my new favorite food.

The golden tip to leave unhealthy snacks

How do you throw away your unhealthy favorites from their pedestal? It starts with a broader definition of what makes a food favorite. you look just to the taste and texture? Or do you even further into what the food does for you?

Broccoli and rice for example does a lot more for you than apple pie and whipped cream. At least, more desirable things. If your unhealthy, fatty, sugary, refined products put on a pedestal, you will continue to eat it. And you will continue to see that it is a one-sided relationship.

Rethink your favorite food:

  • you choose your favorite foods based on taste and texture?
  • Whether you choose your favorite foods on the basis of taste, texture and the services it provides your body plus the feeling that it gives you afterwards?

If you choose the first option, then scroll up and read this article again. If you choose the second option, doing well. What is your new favorite food?

More tips for healthy living

We make healthy life so complicated for ourselves, with all the contradictory messages and bizarre health myths that circulate. What would happen if we make healthy life again nice and simple?

That’s the subject of my practical eBook Simply Healthy . A book filled with tips to become healthier, leaner, fitter and more energetic. In the most simple way possible. For when you’re done with a bit crap, or just a bit lazy like me.

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