lose influence your self-image

I notice that with these people is a deeper cause. Namely the way they look at themselves or their self-esteem.

These people often have a voice that tells you that they do not deserve to feel good and slender. This voice she hampers to be who they want to be. It is an obstacle to touch it deters successful and lost forever excess weight.

If you believe what that voice says this results in unhealthy lifestyles often associated with binge eating . You will be your self, and usually completely unrealistic.

Fortunately, this is not necessary. If you follow the tips in this article apply not only will positively look at yourself, you will lose weight successfully and more powerful in life.

Let’s start by looking at what self-image is exactly.

Your self, what is it?

It is the image you have of yourself. It tells you what you see in the mirror. It also says how you are as a person, as a partner, as a parent or friend (s).

Consider the following:

  • How do you see yourself?
  • Which properties belong to you?
  • What are you good at?
  • How do you feel about your relationship to other people?
  • How do you feel about yourself?
  • What do you think about yourself?

Someone who feels good about herself and knows who he is beating a self-image and accept themselves in any situation. Do you find it difficult to always accept yourself? Please read on. We will work together to do something about it.

Your self-image and weight loss

When it comes to weight you accept yourself with a throbbing self. Even if you’re a little overweight. You are loving to yourself and does not reject yourself how you look. You are, after all, you and I’m proud of you.

People with a throbbing self-treat themselves healthy diet and a healthy body and will not quickly eat themselves.

If you’re working for a long time to lose weight but it never really succeeded, it may be that your self-image is not correct. This indicates that because you do not like a long time with how you look. You do not accept what you look like, but you are unable to do anything about it. It feels like an eternal struggle. You always have the little voice in your head that you would look much different: slimmer and more beautiful.

Probably you even see yourself as someone who is thick and powerless to do anything. You might even have a negative word with which you approach yourself. I once witnessed a client regularly to herself said she was a bitch, or vetklep. You point out thus enormously yourself and makes you very small and it is not necessary.

What I’ve noticed is that people who do not feel good about themselves and have no realistic self-image, just go more often to eat to feel better. They lose themselves in eating to (temporarily) to feel better. When you eat, your body happiness hormone dopamine, making you feel even better. That is unfortunately short-lived.

After dinner follows these people a great disappointment to himself: “Look at him, I knew you could not.” They attach themselves to the image they have of themselves and this happens time and time again. They end up in a negative spiral where scrap fails . They always have the feeling of dieting as they are just heavier.

Your self-image as a child

Your self-image develops as you get older. It starts very young. How conte nter as a child and teenager are with your body, the more realistic and loving is your self-image.

The more negative things you say to yourself, the more you will believe in it. Your subconscious stores it every time. If you since you’re young talk negatively to yourself and yourself as ‘not nice’ look in the mirror you believe in it and go act accordingly.

Research has shown that people who have a later age at high risk from childhood self-esteem to obesity development. After all, why would you eat healthy if you do find that you are not worthy?

If you have a negative self-image, you do not see who you really are and you do not trust yourself enough. With all its consequences.

One of the consequences of not beating self-image is that you do not believe it will work you to lose weight. You give yourself that healthy slim body is not at all because you do not value yourself estimated.

Let us look a little deeper for.

How is a negative self-image

There are many different factors that affect the development of self-esteem. Your upbringing and the way your parents look at themselves and you will play a major role. If they support you in who you are and affect you positive you will quickly develop a realistic and positive self-image.

The media play a major role. Everyone on TV, the internet, in magazines but also mannequins in stores are usually equipped with a slim body. Because that’s what you see all day, you may be inclined to think you’re fat like you looks different.

Especially when Dutch women are there problems because many of us have a broader construction.

Whatever your self-image, eventually you will be so

If you believe you’re fat and does not represent much, then it is logical that you believe you can not lose weight. You will not allow yourself the food that is best for you.

You are who you believe you are.

It is important to believe in yourself and make yourself great. Estimates value yourself and realize that you can and everyone that you want to be everything.

If you do not know who you are, what you want in life and what you stand for, this is the time to go looking for it. It will give you not only peace and confidence but also help you lose weight .

If you really see who you are and treasure to value yourself, it will be an automatic consequence that you will take good care of yourself.

When you know what you’re worth, allow yourself only diet where you do a favor with your body. With the corollary that it is ready to will go to his natural weight. So you will get the body that suits you.

3 tips for a better self-image

Okay, you now know where self-esteem comes from and how it can hinder you to be happy with who you are.

To help you on your way to a better self-image read you three tip tips below you can apply:

Tip 1: Become aware of the words you use

As I described, there are many women who use words to himself as “bitch” or “big man” above. That touches me enormously.

Go to yourself how you talk to yourself. Talk to you as to your friends?

Become aware of the voice that says bad things against you. Give it a name like “Critical Katja ‘and you become aware of as it is. They affect your emotions and makes you begin to feel bad. And if you start to feel bad, chances are that you are going to fill food and that’s exactly what you DO NOT want.

if someone try to recognize her you occasionally come bullying and identify your no longer with her. Ask her what she want to tell you now actually. And what brings you that it is there?

Start talking lovingly to yourself and turn it around if you find ‘Critical Katja’ is present. Say just how beautiful and nice you are. You can do this in your head. Furthermore, it is advisable to start each day by loudly saying something nice to yourself in the mirror. Watch yourself and say for example: “I’m proud of you!”.

Tip 2: Focus on your health and healthy food instead of your weight

If you’re constantly working with the scale and the number that appears on it, you’re likely to fight almost every day. Especially when you see yourself as not good or great then the balance is a good way to get confirmed every day that you are not good and nice enough for the number on the scale.

You thereby hangs hugely in your head, instead of that you’re going to feel what exactly is going on in your body.

A positive self-image and a healthy body comes from within. Start with healthy eating as a low-carb diet that only consists of pure unprocessed foods.

Please make sure that you exercise every day. Do preferably a sport you like and what you enjoy. This can be fitness, but also walking, cycling or dancing. Choose something that makes you happy and what you will feel good. Let loose or while you tone your body from getting. Do something you like and where you go with pleasure.

It gives you positive emotions, making you feel good, have energy and are less likely to make unhealthy choices. By doing things that you feel comfortable with, you automatically look at yourself more positively. You feel good and be happy with what you do is a very different way of looking at yourself than fight and struggle for a lower weight but does not seem to come.

Tip 3: Make contact with your body

Self-esteem is often accompanied by live from the head. We have lost the connection to our bodies because we are constantly irritated by everything that is happening outside us.

We eat at set times, have to-do lists and deadlines that we never get through. That often leads to that we are on autopilot and approach everything rationally. We do not listen to our bodies. We eat therefore often running behind our screen or snatching here and there.

Search reconnect with yourself and your body. Your body tells you what you need to feel good. It tells you where it is needed and when.

If you learn to listen to the signals of your body and conscious and teaches food carefully , you will notice that you are paid more and more saturated. You will not quickly eat when you’re not feeling good example.

Make contact with your body is not always easy and it takes time to connect to feel again, but take it to work. Yoga, mediation and breathing exercises can help you. Look for regular silence, that gives enormous peace.


I hope this article makes you realize that if you change certain thoughts, positive words used against yourself and again comes into contact with your body a whole new world opens for you. Life is more fun, you will feel better and you probably will naturally gain weight that suits your body.

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