Top 10 tips for a healthy Christmas

Tips to make Christmas healthier

Are you not waiting on a full stomach, intestinal problems, a hangover, weight gain and feeling tired? Use one or more of these tips to make your Christmas less unhealthy.

Of course you do not have to be uncomfortable, but by applying a few of these tips, you can minimize the damage and enjoy a light, energetic and cheerful feeling.

1. Start with a healthy breakfast Christmas

Why would you start your day with piles of fat, butter and sugar, just because it’s Christmas? It’s party time, make sure also that it is a feast for your body. That way you start your day, and you feel later in the day not limp and tired .

Tips for a healthy Christmas breakfast?

  • Make a fresh green smoothie and converts them to a table. Throw some fresh orange juice if necessary by the smoothie to still give the feeling of fresh orange, but with a lot more nutrients.
  • Serve fresh fruit.
  • Choose whole grain products.
  • Create a healthy and delicious dish to start with . For example, choose a dish with lots of vegetables. Or a deluxe oatmeal breakfast .
  • Stop eating when you are getting full.

By making your Christmas breakfast unnecessarily unhealthy save you a considerable drain on your body.

2. Remove any unnecessary treats at home

Yes, it’s Christmas. And yes, at Christmas you see everywhere Christmas bells, snowmen, Christmas trees and Santa Clauses. But that does not mean that you should eat constantly in the form of chocolate?

Of course, chocolate is delicious. It is also baggervet, it is full of sugar and milk. What fun shapes also provide manufacturers with their candy and snacks, you do not get carried away by.

Just because a food has a cherry-like shape, does not mean you should eat at Christmas.

3. Keep it simple

Make your Christmas party this year and not great American, but rather simple and more Scandinavian. A bit like we celebrated Christmas in Netherlands in the 80s.

  • Focus less on gifts.
  • Simplify the decoration. Opt for a beautiful Christmas tree, but do not hang filled the whole house.
  • Simplify meals. Opt for a simple Christmas dinner with good ingredients.
  • Simplify operations. You do not have to be busy all day, you can just relax. You also do not go to an expensive Christmas circus, you can also take a nice walk in the woods.

Simply keep your Christmas experience less stress. And if you are less stressed you will have less tendency to reach for unhealthy food and alcohol.

4. Build atmosphere differently

We find a nice dinner. And unhealthy eating super cozy. But sugar and fat are not the only ways to make it cozy.

Build your Christmas is not about food, but choose different ways to build atmosphere. For example, take a nice walk, play a fun game with the company or choose another activity.

5. Take it easy with the wine

You can later start with wine, for example, only when you’re at the table. That way you save as three glasses of wine during the bubble.

Would you still drink sundowners? Drink then between a glass of water. And just stop drinking when you’ve had enough. Christmas will not be cozier if you feel sick and drunk.

6. Take a moment balance

Choose between the Christmas season for a balance point. If I had a heavy Christmas dinner on 1st Day, Boxing Day breakfast I just oatmeal and fruit. Yes, that’s less exuberant. But then I feel great the rest of the day.

Sometimes I’m even good run if the weather is good. So you can slightly exuberant evening a little hold in check.

7. Put on smart

You can choose between a large piece of meat, different kinds of vegetables and starch products? Throw your plate then filled with vegetable and starch (potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.) and take a small piece of meat.

So you get a lot of fiber and nutrients, and save you a lot of calories, fat and cholesterol.

8. Provide alternative snacks and drinks

At Christmas, you do not necessarily have to drink alcohol. You can also put a nice pot ‘Christmas Tea’. You do not necessarily serve greasy snacks, you can also create festive dishes based on vegetables. And you can all mix (eg. First tea, wine later).

You can make your own healthy Christmas cake or a tasty healthy cake. Or your own healthy oatmeal cookies in the shape of Christmas trees. Be creative!

9. Put your focus on people

Christmas is about the people you celebrate it with. Lose out in the food, beverage, gifts or decorations. Focus on the fine people you celebrate Christmas with. That’s all that really matters.

10. Compensate healthy days

Are not you gone out of your roof during the Christmas season? Use the days that follow than to restore the balance.

  • Eat mostly plant.
  • Eat less.
  • Do not eat candy, cookies, chips and other band.
  • Get some exercise.
  • Put a couple of days alcohol.

Why wait until January 1, as there are everywhere still tempting donuts and you try to be healthy with a hangover? Grab your balance now, and do it again just after 1 January.

With a little attention to you Christmas, much less unhealthy. So you feel nice and light, fit, energetic and happy. None overfull stomach, no hangovers, no weight gain, no ‘good intentions’. Just enjoy in a smart way.

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