Upgrade your body – 20 Practical health hacks

20 Practical health hacks

It is often very hard done on healthy living, while the base is very simple . Once you can resist the “temptation” of the major food manufacturers and grocery stores, you can provide your body with better nutrition and so upgrade your health.

So? So time for hacks. Practical tips, reminders and kick your ass to live very healthy.

  1. Enjoy occasional hunger . A little hungry is not bad, it helps you more to enjoy food. If you eat only when you’re a little hungry, you can prevent you eat too much.
  2. When in doubt, add more vegetables to . More vegetables will help you improve your health and reduce the risk of many diseases.
  3. Rid your body of juice and soda . Switch to water, sparkling water, tea, homemade sugar-free iced tea, fresh orange juice (in moderation) and freshly squeezed vegetable juice (without measure).
  4. Drink conscious . Alcohol is not good for your body. If you drink it anyway: listen to your body and do not drink too much, eat healthy (vitamins help your body process the alcohol) and drink water in between. Have a cup too much? Eat something before you go to sleep (a banana is better than kebab) and swallow a multivitamin. You feel a lot fitter.
  5. Four a day alcohol . It’s easy to build a practice around alcohol. A wine with dinner or a beer when you come home from work. A bottle is so empty, and a mild addiction is constructed. Four at least once a week alcohol free day. So you stop drinking alcohol really is an unhealthy habit.
  6. Unprocessed is always better . The more food is processed, the more unknown it is for your body and the more problems it generates. Therefore, choose foods that are close to the origin. Light treatment is no problem (steamed broccoli), but heavy operation is less healthy (broccoli soup out of pocket).
  7. Do not dwell on a feeding schedule . If there is someone who can tell you what to eat, it’s your body. But then you’ve got to learn to listen to, and stop bringing it confused with unnatural diet.
  8. Throw sugar from your diet . Away with it . It is not good for you. Get used to a less sweet diet and get fresh fruit when you crave sweets.
  9. Do not worry about perfection . You do not have to eat perfectly, your body can handle unhealthy food occasionally. If you close a super healthy day with a cookie, then there is no man overboard.
  10. Realize that losing weight is something other than a healthy life . Yes, you can lose weight if you eat healthy. But that does not mean that each diet is healthy. Many diets help you lose weight, but at the same time making infringing your long-term health (such as diets with huge amounts of protein and little carbohydrate, you fall off quickly but healthy is not ).
  11. Change your relationship with food . Once you choose less processed food and more “whole” foods, you notice how you look at food differently. You get less emotional binge eating (no guilt anymore), you experience more control over your life and you feel light and fit.
  12. Spend your time on the ‘square verse’ . Shopping is a lot easier if you live healthy. You get most of your shopping in the fruit and vegetable department. Throw your car just full!
  13. Reduce your intake of animal products . Drink less milk, eat less meat, eggs and dairy. Replace vegetable for today (soy or almond milk, legumes, tofu and tempeh and nuts). Many animal products make your body in the long run less healthy .
  14. Eat more legumes, preferably with each meal . Legumes are super healthy. Full of fiber, protein and even help you make healthier your next meal because they do blood sugar levels stabilize .
  15. Do not be afraid to nuts . Yes, they are high in calories, but they are also a boon to your health. With a handful of raw, unsalted nuts per day can make your body very happy.
  16. The “normal” diet is not selected on health . Tradition is nice, but the way we eat has largely been shaped from local availability and economic interests. Every day eat cheese, potatoes and a pile of dead cooked vegetable at dinner with custard for dessert is very Dutch, but health is not.
  17. A green smoothie is like a salad without dressing . All fantastic of fruit and vegetables, without the greasy junk throwing people on their salad. And it’s a great breakfast. Better than your day begin with a salad.
  18. Food is more important than exercise . You can be healthy without exercise (if you exercise enough on average), as long as you eat healthy .
  19. Make healthy living easy . Repeat your favorite healthy recipes, discover healthy snacks, eat fruit as a snack, cooking for several days, eat something before you go to the grocery store so you will be less tempted.
  20. Keep it mostly to yourself . Listen to your body and adjust your lifestyle to what works for you. Do not go with any dietary advice (much advice is based on weak evidence) or try to persuade all the people in your life to eat like you. Food is very personal.

Change your lifestyle and eating patterns, step by step, magic unhealthy habits into healthy habits and upgrade your health gradually. Not only does it help you now get more out of your life. A healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of many diseases that affect the quality of your life in the future.

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