Withdrawal of sugar in 4 steps

Freed from the cookies

Delicious, life without sugar addiction . No cravings. No walks to the supermarket evening. No big belly, sugar dips, lethargy, feelings of guilt and so on.

Cookies, cakes and candies fall into the category of comfort food. Nice, but if we know anything of comfort is that it is especially nice for now . If you are somewhat interested in how you feel tomorrow, you know that comfort food does not help.

It feels fine, but not thereafter. It is nice, but it does not help you move forward. You think sweet is your favorite food, just like a smoker really think cigarettes are tasty. Once you are there as you discover that these goodies are not that special.

It’s time to rid yourself of your sugar addiction. It’s time for a new favorite food .

1. Stop eating sugar (duh)

Sorry, I can not make it better than it is. If you want to be starting, stop eating sugar.

For the rest of your life? Can not do. The point is not that you ever will eat more sugar. The point is that you break your addiction. If you’re not addicted, and you eat once a piece of cake, then there is nothing to worry about. If you’re hooked, it makes this piece of cake to draw in even more pieces of pie.

You need rehab to get rid of it. And you do more by not eating sugar. Not in the form of sweets, not in form of ready-to-eat meals. Just no.

That means that you cook yourself, and that you mainly on vegetables, complex carbohydrates (such as brown rice and oats), fruit, nuts and seeds.

2. Beacon off your rehabilitation effort

It is important that you do one thing at a time. Try not to kick off sugar and perfect to eat and lose weight in a week.

What we do is wean sugar. Point. That keeps it simple and uncluttered, and ensures that you have a greater chance of success.

Make a clear commitment to yourself: “I eat the next week no sugar.” Do not worry too busy for other things. After this period of withdrawal, you continue to optimize your diet.

3. Prevent hunger

You will fail if you starve yourself, I can guarantee you. Like I said, do not try to hit several birds with one stone. Do not consciously restrict calories while you’re kicking the habit, because you make it too hard on yourself.

The moment you walk around hungry, all those cookies and pastries in your head made better. Suddenly you see a piece of chocolate at the store, and before you know it you stand to negotiate with yourself. “A small piece can not really hurt. I also eat very healthy. I’ll do it tomorrow all right. “

NO! No sugar = no sugar. Prevent you into that trap kicks to prevent getting hungry.

4. Save your willpower

You need every day to spend a limited amount of power. How efficient you omspringt it, the easier it is to eat healthier.

In other words, save your willpower. When I was in rehab, I gave example in the ministry that I do not need a cookie with coffee. That way is I do not look against a cookie I did not ‘allowed’ to eat. A cookie-free dish costs much less power.

not expose yourself in environments where you are surrounded by lots of sweets. Save your power for the times when you really need it. As evening when you negotiate with yourself on a walk to the supermarket evening or a piece of fruit.

Detoxification is temporary

Yes, it can be difficult. If you’re brave addicted (as I once was), you can only just think of sweetness as soon as you stop sugar. When I tried to rehab a few years ago, I thought the whole day apple pie. Not nice.

Fortunately, you can comfort yourself with the thought that it is only temporary. Sugar is extremely addictive, but it is also very easy to get from there again. After a week of sugar-free apple pie you look at that and think, ‘I can not believe it was so delicious. “

Really, there’s a whole different world to you.

More tips for healthy living

We make healthy life so complicated for ourselves, with all the contradictory messages and bizarre health myths that circulate. What would happen if we make healthy life again nice and simple?

That’s the subject of my practical eBook Simply Healthy . A book filled with tips to become healthier, leaner, fitter and more energetic. In the most simple way possible. For when you’re done with a bit crap, or just a bit lazy like me.

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